Event Management App for exclusive livestream and hybrid events

NOEO Events

NOEO Events is a comprehensive and user-friendly software, specifically designed for the management of guest lists and events for hybrid events. This allows event organizers to easily and efficiently create and manage guest lists by storing information such as names, contact information, number of guests, and payment status.
In addition, NOEO Events offers event planning, where events can be planned including date, time, location, and attendee list. With NOEO Events' email marketing module, event organizers can easily send invitations and reminders to guests. The check-in and check-out process is streamlined with NOEO Events, allowing guests to easily participate on site or in a live stream.
NOEO Events' payment management ensures that payments are monitored and invoices can be quickly and easily created for event or live streaming tickets. NOEO Events also offers integrated reporting, allowing event organizers to generate reports and evaluations on events and guest lists.

Overview of the most important features:

  • Guest list creation and management: Storage of information such as names, contact details, number of guests and payment status.
  • Event planning: Planning of events, including date, time, location, budget and guest list.
  • E-mail marketing: Sending invitations and reminders to guests.
  • Check-in and check-out: Management of the check-in and check-out process for guests.
  • Payment management: Monitoring of payments and invoice generation for events.
  • Report generation: Generation of reports and evaluations on events and guest lists.
  • Integrated communication: Possibility for event organizers to communicate with guests and other stakeholders.
  • Data security: Security and protection of stored data.