digital press card for media professionals

Mediapass is a single login for several online media rooms and media portals for Journalists. Journalists can apply online for a Mediapass and avoid multiple logins for press-sites and application processes.

How Mediapass works

Instead of a registration for each media portal you can register a Mediapass and use this login for all portals that support Mediapass. It's like showing your official press card on a website instead of a registration.

What kind of data is shared?

Journalists can individually choose how much personal information or contact details they would like to share with different corporates or institutions. They can also update their personal information at any time and update all their accounts in one single process.

Who and what is Mediapass?

Mediapass is a product of NOEO which was developed in cooperation with media professionals and press agencies to help Journalists to make it easier to access exclusive content for the media professionals.

How can I become a partner of Mediapass to grant access for media professionals to my exclusive content?

If you a running a press-site - no matter of what technology - you can partner with Mediapass and implement our API to use the single login for Journalists.


Mediapass application

Register as a Journalist to access press-sites that support Mediapass

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