Nintendo of Europe

The video game pioneers from Nintendo have created epic characters and brands like Super Mario and Donkey Kong, the legend of Zelda and Pokemon. With the Game Boy, which was sold 150 million times, Nintendo has even shaped a whole generation. For journalists, Nintendo has opened its archives. With NOEO Content Management, the company makes available information and e.g. high resolution pictures of the new video games and consoles for downloading.

Nintendo's service for journalists
"Our aim is to provide media with an online media site that can be accessed at their convenience anytime of day. This media room provides all the latest Nintendo news and games information with easy to download artwork and press releases. We believe it will be an invaluable tool for media!" according to Claire Stocks-Wilson, PR Manager, Nintendo of Europe

"The switch to an online press server saves journalists and we ourselves a lot of time which was previously lost through sending press releases. Each journalist can now select himself much quicker which of our company information is important for his purposes. We in contrast thus win more time for the direct discussions with the editors. Our PR agency also supports the new press server. Their employees have already had good experiences with the Content Management System NOEO with other projects" Bernd Fakesch, Managing Director of Nintendo Germany.

Follow a goal throughout Europe
"Nintendo was facing the challenge of networking different press offices in Europe. The goal was a common archive for all pictures and documents which were supposed to be open for journalists and dealers. It was especially important to the customers to allow all European countries to work together with a single Content Management System which in spite of the central structure gives all employees the possibility of individually being able to work like they were previously used to!" according to Michael Praetorius, managing director of NOEO GmbH