Planning software for live broadcast events

NOEO Live Production

Our live production planning software helps ensure that a live event runs smoothly and every detail is executed perfectly. With our software, you can create a detailed run sheet that includes all planned activities, performances, breaks, and other elements of the live event. You can organize the planned activities and performances into a schedule and ensure that each part of the live event takes place at the right time.

Our software allows you to plan camera positions, inserts, outputs, and manage resources such as technology, personnel, and props. You can also incorporate audio and video files, images, and other media into the run sheet, allowing the planning team to have an accurate idea of how the live event will look.
Our live event planning software ensures that your event runs smoothly, and every element is executed effectively and punctually.

Overview of the most important features:

  • Detailed Event Schedule Creation (Run Down Creator)
  • Coordination Camera Placement
  • Planning Inserts like pre-recorded video, text overlays and Picture in Picture Layouts
  • Output Control like Program, Backdrop Screens and Streaming Desitionations